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Oct 24




Date: 2019-10-13

List of participants: 김성후, 이지수, 심은경, Annie, Arthur, Victória, Jadi, Júlia, Kamilla, Maria Karolina.


On our second trip, we went to the National Stadium of Brasilia, called "Mané Garrincha". We managed to get ilimited access to the venue so we enjoyed our time there and took many pictures while exploring the place! Afterwards, we all went out to eat hamburger and ice cream while talking in korean and portuguese! It was really fun!














TRIP 2 REPORT.docxpdf



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  • Date: 2019-09-14 List of participants: 김성후, 이지수, 심은경, Annie, Arthur, Victória, Jadi, Luca. On our first trip, we decided to take our korean friends to two well known tourist spots in our city, Brasília: The Cathedral of Brasilia and the cultural centre CCBB. After that, we enjoyed a nice picnic and played many korean and brazilian card games! We all had a great time together!
  • We have always loved Korean food and after receiving the pdf on trendy restaurants we really felt like going to one here itself. So, for our first official offline meet, our team (Tanurima Chanda, Sohini Banerjee, Prakriti Subba, Tanurima Chanda, Sharmistha Naskar) went to King's Bakery in Kolkata to try out the delicious Korean food there. We were also accompanied by our Japanese friend Kaho Watanabe who also wanted to go there. We talked about Korean music, food, culture, and Kaho also told us her experience when she had been to Korea 2 years ago and how she loved her stay there. She also told us about the similarities between Korean and Japanese foods. It was a lovely day. Here are pictures of the food we tried:
  • 1. Date - 30.05.2019 2. Partecipants - Chris Montomoli, Dejsi Hyskaj, Elisa Imperato, Imsuk Jung, Alex Gobbi, Davide Tognaccini, Hong Chae Eun, Song Hyeog, Nam Yeong, Laura Bandello, Gabriele Raso, Irene, Julia, Demetrio, Kim Ki Jun Topic: Korean culture Summary: After the end of our Korean class, me, my classmates, my Korean teacher and our Korean friends decided to have a lunch all together with Italian and Korean food. After the lunch we did some games regarding Korean topics such as kpop and kdrama.